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What's the big deal about my opinion?

Because I'm the Man!

People call meThe King of Business Opportunities -- and for good reason.

I started my Internet adventure in 1994 as the web review author for a project called Yahoo! Unplugged. I reviewed more than 8750 websites and eBusinesses in my column.

On top of that, I've launched more than 40 businesses over the past 29 years or so, and I've advised on many, many more.

I've had my share of pathetic losers too but let's not go there. This isn't the National Inquirer. Just take my word for it -- I've paid my dues!

I'm the founding editor and developer of more than a dozen subscription newsletters including The Great Bear Market, The Liberty Street Letter, FOREX Unleashed, The ETF Miracle, and Profit Center Dispatch.

PCD was the #1 subscription based email advisory which focused on legitimate business opportunities (online and off). It was ahead of the curve when it came to hot rising trends.

PCD is no longer published. But you can find my commentary and insight all over the web, and at my main blog AskMarcCharles - and stay tuned for more adventures.

But my focus remains the same -- Web, Digital and Internet businesses that don't require an arm and a leg to start, and yet have legitimate UPSIDE potential.

My "ageless wisdom" has been featured in top publications like Early to Rise, International Living, Escape Artist, The Internet Edge, Wired Reviews, The Great Bear Market, Best Rated Travel, Profit Center Dispatch and Yahoo! Unplugged Interactive - to name a few.

But who cares?!

Anyone can write about business opportunities and money making plans. But most people don't have experience, Internet savvy or the scope to pull it off.

I do.

Are you still skeptical of my opinion, insight and wisdom? That's fine.

But know this --- nobody is more skeptical than I am!

There are thousands of money-making plans and so-called business opportunities on the Internet today.

Just Google those words and see for yourself!

Most of the Business Opportunities and Moneymaking Ideas I Review are a Joke!

However,there are some priceless gems that can make you rich!


I've dedicated this website to personally reviewing the TOP 100 moneymaking ideas, eBooks and business opportunities on the Internet.

Let’s set the record straight.


There are more con artists in the “Biz Op” industry than any other sector, MLM is probably a close second.


MILLIONS of people are looking for legitmate money making ideas and business opportunities everyday - and that’s why scams are so plentiful

Let’s Get Started!

By the way - if you purchase any of the products that are featured or reviewed this website I’ll extend a PERSONAL $10 REBATE.

This has nothing to do with Clickbank's offers or rebates, or even the publisher of these products. It is a personal rebate from yours truly.

In other words – if you decide to buy any of the products that I’ve reviewed on this site you’ll receive a $10 rebate which makes it a pretty good deal - in fact you'll find it is the best pricing on the Internet.

But here’s the deal – and there are NO EXCEPTIONS so don't come crying to me for your $10 unless you comply with the rules.

You need to send me a copy of the original receipt 45 days after your purchase. That's enough time for the funds to clear the publisher's bank and it protects me from scam artists!

After I receive your original receipt and confirmation number intact (I'll need to verify your purchases) I'll PayPal the funds to you immediately (or send you a check).

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